Cherry Limeade Peeps are here

Earlier we told you about a new Oreo flavor that features Peeps flavored icing on the classic cookie. Now, the popular Easter treat is getting a new flavor itself.

Hitting shelves already are Cherry limeade Peeps.

The combination features the delicious drink (no, really it is!) and the sugary candy that we just cannot wait to open on Easter.

I grabbed a 3-pack at Target for the price of $1.99, which isn’t terrible. The sour cherry flavor gets dipped in a lime flavored fudge to make the creation.


I’m a big fan of Peeps and upon trying, I had my doubts. But they really weren’t bad at all.

You can certainly taste the cherry limeade flavor added to it in a sour way. I’d prefer the classic Peeps but this one certainly gets the job done in terms of satisfying my sweet tooth.




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