Peeps-flavored Oreos make debut on shelves

Get ready for another wild flavor of Oreos.

With Easter coming in April, Nabisco is ready to launch its newest creation in the form of a Peeps-flavored Oreo.

The company is taking the classic holiday treat and adding it as a flavor for the latest Oreo cookie. It’s expected on shelves Feb. 22 at Walmart stores across the country. The new flavor can also be found in select grocery stores as well.

Some have already managed to be released:

It comes nearly a year after they released a Swedish Fish flavor that was a little questionable.

The 10.7 oz package will retail for $4.49 and be available for a limited time. Let us know if you are picking these up or will pass on this Easter special.

This once again proves that Nabisco isn’t afraid to pair anything with an Oreo. Now, what’s next?

Image via Nabisco


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