Ben & Jerry’s launching new cereal-flavored ice cream

Get ready to put a touch of breakfast in your Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

The newest creation from the company comes in the form of three very popular cereal flavors for ice cream that will be available in Scoop Shops only.

The new flavors in the “Cereal Splashback” series are Frozen Flakes, Fruit Loot and Cocoa Loco.

Fruit Loot is exactly what it sounds like. The ice cream will include a fruity cereal swirl similar to the taste of Fruit Loops.

The Cocoa Loco flavor will be a milk chocolate ice cream featuring a cereal swirl. And Frozen Flakes gives you a taste similar to Frosted Flakes with a cereal swirl.

The flavors will be available soon in shops across the country and then arrive in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore this September.

Image via Ben & Jerry’s


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