Review on the Go: Thin Mint flavored coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts

We posted about new Girl Scout cookie-inspired flavors hitting Dunkin’ Donuts locations across the country just a few days ago.

After that blog was posted, we decided to go and try one of those new flavors. Afterall, you can’t beat Dunkin’s $1.50 any sized ice coffee deal in the afternoon.

So we went to our local Dunkin’ Donuts location to check it out.

One half of the Junk Food Duo did the review while the other, Zack, was behind the camera. Here’s the result:

Following the review, Zack was able to try it and share his thoughts. He said it did taste like the Thin Mint cookie, which is a good thing, but it really had a Mocha taste to it.

His final score: 5.2/8.

Have you tried this latest creation at Dunkin’ Donuts? How about other flavors? Let us know in the comments.


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