Seven new Oreo flavors for 2018

Oreo lovers we have some good news for you.

After releasing Chocolate Hazelnut and Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreos back in January, the cookie company has some more exclusive flavors hitting shelves in 2018.

According to Markie_devo, Oreo will release at least seven more exclusive flavors including three from the #MyOreoCreation campaign they launched last year. One of those flavors will be in the form of Oreo Thins.

The first flavors releasing are in the creation series, dropping this May. The three flavors are Pina Colda (Oreo Thins), Cherry Cola and Kettle Corn.

Then just a month later we will see the release of Oreos’ collab with Good Humor, delivering the Strabwberry Shortcake flavor. This flavor will also have strawberry specs in them, taking an ice cream favorite and mixing it with the classic cookie.

Rocky Road Trip Oreo’s will release at the end of July, followed by Apple Pie Golden Oreos and finally Peppermint Bark in October.

Check out Markie_devo’s post below:

Of course, more Oreo flavors could be announced later this year and we could see flavors from the past return.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the Strawberry Shortcake and Rocky Road flavors when they hit shelves but I’m willing to try all of them.

It’s unknown if these will be store-exclusives but keep it locked with JunkFoodIn’ for more.


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