Enlightened Ice Cream drops five new flavors and they sound delicious

It’s tough to find a healthy alternative to ice cream that actually tastes good. But one of those very few brands that can do it is Enlightened.

They have already impressed us with some awesome flavors over the past year and now they are rolling out five new ones.

Enlightened has introduced these five new flavors to their collection and they are pretty interesting.

The five new flavors are: Movie Night, Glazed Donut, S’Mores, Cookies & Cream and French Toast.

All of these treats range from 280 calories (French Toast) to 400 (S’Mores).

The one that intrigues us the most is Movie Night. I’m a big lover of popcorn but I’ve never had it in an ice cream flavor. The ice cream is pop corn flavored but adds chocolate bits and caramel swirl.

The rest really speak for themselves but we are very excited to try all five.

I’ve never had a bad Cookies & Cream ice cream from anywhere and I’m sure this one won’t be much different. The glazed donut one just sounds delicious coming with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles.

French Toast is usually for breakfast but when you have this pint, there’s an exception. The flavor has swirls of maple in it that is sure to hit your taste buds in the right spot.

Then wrapping things up is the S’Mores flavor. We have a feeling this one will be a popular one as the weather starts warming up. The low-sugar treat features graham cracker bits in it along with chocolate swirls.

Have you tried any of the new flavors? If so, drop us a comment on which one you liked the most and why!

Featured image via Enlightened/IG


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