Cheerios’ newest flavor – sweet as a peach!

The Cheerio’s brand is back at it again – this time with their newest flavor, Limited Edition Peach. With the warmer seasons just around the corner, peach-lovers will be able to get a taste for that favorite spring-time fruit in their cereal.

You can find this new Peach Cheerios flavored cereal on shelves in grocery stores. Starting this month, this new twist in flavors can be found nationwide – but for a limited time. Limited Edition Peach Cheerios will only be available through the Spring.

Like any other limited edition flavoring that Cheerios has rolled out, the cereal appears like your average Cheerios cereal. It’s that first savory bite that differentiates this new flavoring from any other. Contrary to belief, this cereal flavor isn’t too sweet to handle even though there’s quite a bit of sugar within. It has the perfect balance of peach flavoring to allow its consumers to come back for more – and it’s gluten-free! It’s made with peach puree concentrate which gives this cereal it’s sought after taste.


Nutritionally speaking, this new Cheerios flavor has about 110 calories, 22 grams of carbs and 8 grams of sugar per serving – similar to their previous limited edition Pumpkin Spice flavor. Be sure to check out your local grocery store and snag yourself a box of this peachy sweet treat!



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