Dairy Queen takes us out to the ballpark for a Triple-Play Blizzard!

Ice cold blizzards here, come ‘getcha some! Baseball season has started and we’re here for it, including Dairy Queen! Dairy Queen just released a new Blizzard treat called Triple-Play Blizzard.

This new treat is basically Cracker Jack popcorn on crack. Available for a limited time and at participating locations you can indulge in a savory, but sweet, blizzard. This treat is packed with caramel coated peanuts, caramel popcorn brittle and chocolate chunks swirled in vanilla soft-serve. Dairy Queen doesn’t stop there – this Triple-Play Blizzard is then topped with pretzel rods and drizzled fudge!


Image via Dairy Queen

This treat is only available in one Dairy Queen within each of the 15 participating cities where there was an MLB opening day game – so you’ll need to check your participating locations here.


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