New Mountain Dew Liberty Brew hitting shelves now!

Get ready for another new Mountain Dew flavor just in time for Summer.

The latest flavor of Mountain Dew titled “Liberty Brew” apparently has 50 different flavors in one and is starting to hit shelves nationwide. The drink was released just in time for Memorial Day and the 50 flavors are to represent the 50 states.

Junk Food fans have been sharing photos on Social Media of their “Liberty Brew” finds, suggesting that it’s out almost everywhere by now. There have even been some reviews posted on YouTube:

Per Mountain Dew Wiki, the flavor is described as “Liberty Brew is a variant of Mountain Dew which is midnight blue in color, which is similar to Dark Berry. Its flavor is a combination of 50 different fruity flavors. The flavor has been compared to a Bomp Pop by many who have tried the flavor.”

This new flavor is replacing DEW.S.A (Last year’s release) for the Summer ’19 and will be available until Late August.

Featured image via CountryMarket.


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