Coca-Cola adds Cinnamon flavor and spiced cranberry Sprite to Winter lineup!

There Coca-Cola is adding to it’s Winter 2019 lineup in a big way.

The soft drink company announced on Monday that two new flavors are joining the Winter lineup beginning in September. Cinnamon Coca-Cola and Spiced Cranberry Sprite will be the two newest additions hitting shelves beginning on September 30th and will be available through New Years on January 1st.

Our friends over at CandyHunting first broke the news on their Instagram account earlier in the week, positing both flavors. This is how they described the new cinnamon flavor:

“Cola is a mix between citrus and brown spice flavors. Coca-Cola leans more toward the spice side and Pepsi leans more toward citrus,” via CandyHunting.  “Adding extra cinnamon flavor will kick up that brown spice an extra notch.”

As for the new spiced cranberry Sprite flavor, it’s a cinnamon touch on the Sprite cranberry flavor that is a hit for the Holidays.

There is now word on whether or not these flavors will be available in the  zero sugar version like it is in the U.K.

We could also see these return next year for a longer run if successful.



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