New Mountain Dew Flavor will be Wal-Mart exclusive, hit shelves in March

Fresh off the release of their newest flavor, VooDew in August, Mountain Dew is set to release their first new flavor of 2020.

On Wednesday, a new thread in the Mountain Dew SubReddit revealed the newest flavor of the soft drink titled “Frost Bite” will hit shelves in March. With a catch. It will be exclusive to Wal-Mart and looks….interesting.


Reddit user and PepsiCo employee MtnDewInsider posted the first image leak of the new flavor in the Subreddit leading many of us to speculate just what it will be.

On Thursday, another user posted an info graphic on the flavor with some key details:

  • Will release on March 23, 2020 at Wal-Mart only.
  • Will come in cans and bottles
  • Frost Bite was tested and approved by Wal-Mart shoppers

The one key detail missing is the flavor. As you can see in the promotional image above, the new color place to the name of “Frost Bite” showcasing a light blue look.

Our best guess is that this could be some sort of berry flavor with an “ice” twist to it based on The information we have gathered so far. The emphasis on “Frost Bite” is that it is cold and you will want it on those hot Summer days.

I guess we will just have to wait and see for sure on what the flavor actually is.


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