New Mountain Dew ‘Spark’ set to release for Summer

It was a few months back when the Mountain Dew “Frost Bite” flavor first hit the internet on the Mtn Dew Subreddit. And now we have a new flavor that will launch in the coming months.

A Reddit user and likely PepsiCo. employee posted an image of a new Mountain Dew flavor called “Spark” just a few days back, giving us our first look at this new exclusive.

The Raspberry Lemonade flavor will be a Speedway exclusive and is set to hit shelves for the Summer. Take a look at the image below:


The packaging is interesting and matches the “Spark” name and Speedway exclusive with a sleek design featuring a car. I can’t lie, this is a pretty intriguing flavor and I really can’t wait to see it hit shelves.

For more on this flavor and other Mountain Dew flavors, please check back with the Junk Food Duo!



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