Häagen-Dazs: Introduce New Soft Dipped Ice Cream Bars

With March coming to an end, which seemed to last forever, comes a new month and a new flavor introduced from Häagen-Dazs.


Image via Häagen-Dazs

This April, you’ll be able to purchase Häagen-Dazs newest Soft Dipped Ice Cream bars at participating grocery stores!

Typically, the classic Häagen-Dazs bars have a hard chocolate outer shell that you can crunch into. These new bars will be much different and something you can literally sink your teeth into.

There will be three different flavors that will have a brand new “soft truffle coating” for you to try. The flavors will be classic vanilla, chocolate and caramel.

There will be three bars to a single box and are just under $5. We’re definitely trying these out!


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