New ‘Nailed it’ Ben & Jerry’s Flavor coming soon

Many of us have resorted to eating ice cream and enjoying our televisions during this COVID-19 pandemic which has forced us inside. I’ve seen tons of photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram of people enjoying their ice cream as they try to stay safe.

And soon you will have another new flavor to enjoy from Ben & Jerry’s.

The company is dropping a new flavor very soon that is a sweet and savory chocolate creation brimming with fudge and potato chips. Yep, you read that right. Potato Chips!

The flavor is based on the hit Netflix show “Nailed It” and is the second Netflix inspired flavor to release this year. Candy Hunting has the details on this:

Per Candy Hunting:

New Ben & Jerry’s Chip Happens is heading to stores VERY soon!! Well, it’s actually already on shelves in Australia, since this one is a global launch. It will be in the US any time now. The flavor is made in partnership with Netflix and the show Nailed It!, which is a competition series where amateur bakers try to replicate stylized cakes and other baked goods. The ice cream has a chocolate base, fudge chips, and crunchy potato chip swirls.

Look for this limited batch flavor to hit shelves soon. And we are curious to see if they truly Nailed It!


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