Dunkaroos are officially back and have been spotted at stores

Just a few months ago rumors swirled that Dunkaroos were making a comeback at some point in 2020.

The rumors became true when Dunkroos announced on their official Twitter account that the return was coming this Summer. Well, here we are.

Dunkaroos are officially back as they have been spotted on 7-Eleven shelves now! We went out on Thursday to our local 7-Eleven and there was a display set up right at the counter:

Dunkaroos became popular in the 90’s as a treat for kids at their homes or even in their lunch boxes for lunch at school. But over time, the popularity declined and the product was eventually moved off the shelves in the United States.

But now is your chance to relive that deliciousness of funfetti-flavored icing that you can dip your graham crackers into!

Go check your local 7-Eleven to see if they are in stock. Dunkaroos are expected to be made more available nationwide this Summer.


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