Crispy Chicken Thighs at Wingstop

In select locations, the Wingstop chain restaurant is trying out a new, crispy bone-in chicken thigh menu item. These chicken thighs are fried just like their classic, traditional wings and can be tossed in any of the 11 flavor offerings on the menu.

image via Wingstop

Locations in Nevada, Colorado, Georgia and Texas will be testing out this new, crispy menu item. Locations in Las Vegas, Nevada, El Paso, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, Glendale and Golden, Colorado will have a couple ways to order this trial menu item. Prices may vary from location to location, but you can order them as a two-thigh or five-thigh order. There’s also a Crispy Thigh Large Combo, which includes three Crispy Thighs with one flavor, four Classic wings with one flavor, a regular fries or veggie sticks, plus one dip and a 20-oz drink. Or a Crispy Thigh Medium Combo.


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