Shake Shack’s Holiday 2020 shakes are now available!

This is by far our favorite time of the year as we are officially in the Holiday Season. The mood is just better, despite freezing cold temperatures but it also means we get more holiday food on the shelves and in stores!

With the holidays here, that means Shake Shack is rolling out their new shake lineup with three holiday flavors. Now available at locations nationwide are  Chocolate Spice, Christmas Cookie, and Candy Cane Marshmallow.

Each shake is topped with whipped cream and flavored sprinkles, bringing that holiday cheer to your belly!

New this year is the Chocolate Spice and Candy Cane Marshmellow flavors, replacing Coconut Snowball and Chocolate Peppermint from last year’s lineup.

Check with your local Shake Shack restaurant for availability on these limited edition shakes!


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