NEW! Dunkin’ Introduces Dunkfetti Donut

I think we are all ready to move on from the year 2020 and in just a few days we are going to flip the calendar over to 2021 which will hopefully bring some better times.

As we get set to hit into the new year, Dunkin’ is set to drop a new menu item that they just recently introduced. On Tuesday, Dunkin’ unveiled the new Dunkfetti Donut set to hit shelves this week for 2021.

The Dunkfetti Donut is a cake donut ring with special celebration confetti sprinkles baked within, and topped with a sweet glaze. It’s a true treat for those who are big fans of the Funfetti flavor and now you will be able to get it at participating Dunkin’ locations across the country soon!

Per Baking Business, Dunkin’ senior manager of research and development Heidi Curry said this about the creation:

“Some of our guests told us they were looking for a little extra caffeine boost from their favorite coffee drinks … but, adding an espresso shot actually changes the flavor profile of the coffee,” Ms. Curry said. “So, we brewed up a new innovation, Extra Charged Coffee, to give guests the benefit of additional caffeine without altering the taste of the high-quality Dunkin’ Hot and Iced Coffee that they know and love.”

In addition to the new donut releasing, Dunkin’ is launching a  Limited Batch Series plus “Extra Charged Coffee”, which has 20% more caffeine than Dunkin’s classic hot and iced coffee.

These new offerings can be found in stores nationwide beginning December 30th.


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