Krispy Kreme’s Oreo Glazed doughnuts are now available!

Krispy Kreme’s newest limited edition donuts are an Oreo lover’s dream.

The doughnuts company just introduced their newest creation in the form of two doughnuts and a new drink that have everything to do with Oreo cookies. The the Oreo Cookie Glazed Doughnut and Oreo Cookie Over-The-Top Doughnut officially hit stores on Monday, the company released and will be available for a limited time until April 18th.

The Oreo Cookie Glazed Doughnut is covered with an icing drizzle and Oreo Cookie pieces while being filled with Cookies and Kreme. The Over-The-Top Doughnut features Kreme and chocolate icing, then finished with a giant Oreo cookie on top for a nice touch.

In addition to the new doughnuts, the Oreo Mocha Chiller is a new frozen drink that is espresso-based blended with Oreo chunks and topped with whipped cream and cookie crumbs.

Make sure to go out and try these new treats at participating Krispy Kreme locations around the country and let us know what you think!


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