Lime Skittles set to return for Summer 2021

After a four-year hiatus, lime flavored Skittles are set to return for Summer 2021 which is great news for candy lovers that miss this flavor.

Per Instagram user @Markie_devo, the company is set to bring back the fan favorite flavor for a limited run this year as an all lime mix and he’s expecting them to return by June.

While participating in a Twitter “best brand” tournament over the past month, Skittles promised their fans that if they won they would bring back a fan favorite flavor. The company fell short to Xbox but it appears as if they are still going to hold up their end of the deal, which is great news.

In 2013, Skittles officially made the decision to change the flavor from lime to green apple, retiring the flavor for at least four years before it made it’s return. But now it’s back in 2021 and we hope it’s here to stay.

It’s unknown if this will be a store exclusive like the 2017 release was to Walmart but either way this news is great and if we have to hunt for them then we will.


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