Dove Chocolate unveils NEW Holiday flavor: Milk Chocolate Toffee Almond Crunch

We can’t believe our eyes! Brands like Dove Chocolate are already unveiling upcoming holiday flavors to look forward to. Dove Chocolate is known for is many limited-edition flavored chocolate treats and this new flavor is going to be worth the wait!

image via Dove

Dove has unveiled its new Milk Chocolate Toffee Almond Crunch, available this holiday season. According to the brand, this limited-edition flavor consists of silky-smooth milk chocolate and is filled with crunchy almond toffee pieces. This flavor is certainly a savory approach to holiday flavorings, and we love the idea of it all!

Beginning this September, this limited-edition flavor will start to hit retail shelves. According to Best Products, the chocolate treats “will be available in a 7.94-ounce Laydown Bag for a limited time. Just look for the blue bag that features reindeer, ornaments, and ‘Merry & Bright’ “. There will also be the expected sayings or quotes found within each wrapper, which is always such a positive spin on the Dove Chocolate treats!


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