Creme Savers set to return to Big Lots stores in September

After a decade of being off of shelves, CREME SAVERS are set to hit shelves again this September thanks to Mars Wrigley and Iconic Candy.

The announcement came on Thursday as the iconic hard candy will return in two flavors: Strawberries & Creme and Orange & Creme. The return is in large part due to Iconic Candy who has a mission to return long sought-after confections exactly the way they were and when CREME SAVERS was brought to their attention, Mars Wrigley delivered.

CREME SAVERS Strawberries & Creme
CREME SAVERS Orange & Creme

Iconic Candy has worked alongside Mars Wrigley in reformulating the original flavor profiles and remastering the blends to recapture the magical taste of the CREME SAVERS brand. The irresistible mix of fresh fruit swirled in rich cream has always been, and will always be, uniquely CREME SAVERS candies.

The hard candy will officially return in mid-September to Big Lots stores across the country.

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