NEW Limited Edition Pringles x Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

There is an absolute craze currently in the junkfood world with Spicy Chicken sandwiches. Most fast-food restaurant chains are either bringing them back to their menu, or debuting their own versions.

It’s no surprise that Pringles joins in on the fun, as our friends over on Instagram @JunkFoodMom, shared that coming in June for a limited time only is the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich flavor!

This limited time flavor is expected to hit participating retailers nationwide in June. What’s even better? According to @JunkFoodMom, there is a special treat on the seal of the can. Each can comes with a code on the seal that unlocks a FREE spicy chicken sandwich with a mobile order from Wendy’s!

We love spicy chicken sandwiches, so you can guarantee we will be keeping our eyes peeled at our local retailers in June to get our hands on this limited time flavor offering from Pringles!


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