Oreo set to release limited edition Apple Cider Donut flavor

We are still a few months away from the official start of Fall but Oreo is looking to get us into that cozy mood earlier this year.

The company announced two new flavors set to hit shelves in August including a limited-edition Apple Cider Donut flavor! The new cookie flavor will be hitting shelves next month per Best Products and will be the latest creation from Oreo following a Smore and Olympic release just a few weeks back.

Take a look at the packaging for the new product:

It may not be the full experience of walking around the brisk cold weather with a hot cup of apple cider but with Fall being an awesome time, we will certainly take what we can get.

In addition to the Apple Cider flavor, Oreo announced that a Salted Caramel Brownie flavor is also hitting shelves and will be here in late July. The new flavor is described as a “delicious layers of creme, one is caramel and the other is brownie flavored crème.” It will be the first time an Oreo cookie chocolate wafer has a sprinkling of salt on top!

Let us know which one you are looking forward to trying the most!


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