The ‘Most Oreo Oreo’ is now on shelves

One of Oreo’s newest flavors for the 2023 calendar year is already on shelves as the ‘Most Oreo Oreo’ is starting to appear at retailers across the country.

This limited-edition flavor features Oreo’s “Most Stuf” level of filling of creme made up from ground-up Oreo cookies themselves, adding a twist to the classic cookie treat. It pretty much tastes like Cookies N Creme, which is a good thing.

The full cookie itself is one of the biggest Oreos with one serving size being a single cookie and 110 calories. That’s not ideal, especially for those nights you just find yourself going through a bag of Oreo’s faster than you could imagine.

Take a look at the packaging below:

The Most Oreo Oreo

Check your local retail stores to see if this flavor has landed on shelves yet.


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