Internet reacts to Peeps Oreos and it’s not……bad.

Today marked the official release of Peeps-flavored Oreos as they hit shelves across the country.

The initial thought is “another crazy Oreo flavor that will taste bad? No thanks” but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. I did some digging on Twitter to see what consumers thought about them and so far it hasn’t been terrible.

Sure, that’s a small sample size and there are people who dislike the new flavor. But the reaction is not what I expected.

I fully expected it to be a bad release with negative reviews. Mashable even wrote something up earlier today regarding the new flavor.

Here’s what some Mashable staffers said:

“I really loved it. It tasted like pink frosting and nothing at all like an actual Peep.”

“The smell like Play-Doh, but taste pretty good. They do not taste like Peeps at all, besides some crunchy sugar in the frosting.”

“They are like a little bite of spring. I enjoyed the surprising crunch from the creme.”

It’s tough to base your decision on what others think so go out and grab a package and try them for yourself! Our review should be up this week as we dive into the latest Oreo creation that has everyone talking.


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