Ben & Jerry’s: Milkin’ it with the new flavors

Ben & Jerry’s is back at it again with unique, and punny, flavors! Our friends over at Snack Cellar and Sean’s Skillet spotted these flavors, exclusive to Target.

Gimme S’more and Glampfire Trailmix are the newest flavors in Target stores soon.

Glampfire Trailmix is packed with crunchy pretzel chunks, marshmallow swirls, chocolate ice cream and chocolate covered almonds. This could be the newest twist on your classic Rocky Road ice cream flavoring and is the perfect treat to satisfy that sweet and salty craving!


Gimme S’more is a serious upgrade from your ordinary S’mores flavored ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s was crafty enough to concoct a toasted marshmallow base with fudge flakes swirled with chocolate cookies and graham crackers. That sounds like the perfect snack to cozy up next to a bonfire and share with friends and family!


We seriously can’t wait to get our hands on these limited edition batches. They’re hitting shelves nationwide and online at Ben & Jerry’s. Keep your eyes peeled – you won’t want to miss this!



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